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Zac efron gay 2014

Zac on the cover of Rolling Stone:. Remember Jonathan Jaxson, that one guy who used to be the publicist for Kim Kardashian? Or will he be Anne, the refined New England ice princess? Simon Cowell offered him a record deal but he turned it down saying, "
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Zac Efron ‘Looks Like Something a Gay Guy Designed’ in New ‘Neighbors’ Trailer (Video)

Zac efron gay 2014
Zac efron gay 2014
Zac efron gay 2014
Zac efron gay 2014
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Zac Efron - Biography - IMDb

Oh, please. Poor thing. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. All kinds of gossip focuses on people who are considered attractive. In , Efron was photographed smooching with Michelle Rodriguez while on vacation in Sardinia. Zac Efron shows off his toned arms in a short sleeved t-shirt while shopping at Guitar Center on Thursday afternoon April 3 in Hollywood.
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A gay man’s perspective: Zac Efron gets naked at the MTV Movie Awards

I hope Zac sues anyone who dares to even insinuate that he might be a member of the deviant homosexual community!!! Ah Honey, everyone already knows he's gay. Gay people eat their own. Please give our best to all the fangurls at IMDb. For some reason no one ever heard any rumors about any fat or ugly actors.
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Maybe Zac needs an intervention by some of his elders in "the biz" who have been there when it comes to career-damaging arrests:. Nick Stahl Who wouldn't be with the life he was handed and then threw away. Gay in the normal way, by having sex and relationships with men. Nope R I remember a blind item supposedly about Zac that claimed he has a fetish for fat girls and that Hollywood forces him to live a lie by dating girls that are attractive by typical society's standards. You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.
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